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17th April 2018 by Yo-yo

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Riding in the UAE: F.A.Q.s & Guides

Naturally safety is our number one priority on a ride and legality is a close second, it's no fun when someone gets in trouble on the road. To this end we have a few guides available for download;

Bike Checklist


A list of items to check on your machine before you set off on a ride including:

  • Check the brake-pads and functioning of the break system. Look out for leaks.
  • Check the tyre pressure and condition of the tyres.
  • Check the function of the headlights and signals and replace bulbs if required.
  • Check the motor oil, gear box oil levels and top up if required.
  • Have common spare parts such as spark plugs, bulbs, oil as well as some standard tools available in particular if you are going on long rides.

Traffic Regulations


Driving and riding in the UAE can be a hair raising experience but the police are doing their best to tame the roads with some new rules and a system of fines and points.

This PDF covers some of the offences they'll be looking out for and what you can expect if you're a transgressor.

For more information visit

Getting your bike license in the UAE

UAE Test

Useful information from someone who took the UAE Motorcycle Test and survived.



Dubai's Salik toll system is applicable to motorcycles as well, you need to buy the regular SALIK tags from any gas station, filling in the application form and attaching a copy of the vehicle registration.

If you don't have a windshield to put the sticker on, you don't have to wear it on your helmet, the system will capture your number plate and apply the toll to your SALIK account.

For more information visit or call 800-SALIK (72545)

Document Reader

In the rare event that you don't already have a PDF reader, you can download one here.