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Ride with us

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Any biker is welcome to join our regular rides, usually Thursday nights and some Fridays, you can find details of our schedule on our events calendar. Check out Riding with the Exiles for information on how we ride together.

If you decide you would like to join the club, simply fill out an application form and convince one of the Exiles MC members to sponsor your application.

Who can join?

Exiles MC Rules

Full Exiles MC membership is open to anyone with a motorcycle over with 400cc capacity (so you can keep up).  There are no restrictions on nationality, gender, colour, creed or the type of bike you ride, as long as you can ride it safely.

Associate membership is for anyone who regularly rides as a passenger but doesn't have a bike of their own.

All new applicants are probationers until they are approved by the standing members at a members' meeting.  Your riding ability and general suitability is checked in the mean time and full membership can be approved, denied or postponed pending further evaluation.  Exiles MC does not demean or abuse probationers in any way, they are simply assessed.  Read the club rules for more information.

Why join?

Exiles MC

Sure, you could simply join our public rides and enjoy the company of bikers from all walks of life in the UAE, but most people who like to ride with us find they want to become an active member of the club.

Only full and associate members have the honor of wearing Exiles MC patches, they can vote on our club decisions and take on responsibility for organising the rides and events they enjoy.  Whilst most of the Exiles MC activities are open to anyone, we do keep a few other rides, events and biking resources reserved for members only.

Members also recieve a members only T-Shirt, usually a new design for each year, everytime they renew.  Exiles MC members can use their membership card to take advantage of club discounts in various outlets, dealerships and venues in the UAE.


Membership costs 350dhm per year and we take a 300dhm deposit for your club patches which remain property of the Exiles MC.  Members who leave the club can turn in their patches in return for their deposit.

Memberships are now tracked individually, so you can join Exiles MC at any time and get a full year's membership for your money.