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Obtaining a motorcycle licence in Abu Dhabi

This section is taken from an email by Nigel East, an experienced rider who had to take the UAE motorcycle test in June 2008 because he couldn't convert his original license. Many thanks to Nigel for the information, hopefully new-comers to the Abu Dhabi will find it useful.

Note: We have conflicting information on whether Emirati females are allowed to obtain a motorbike licence. Please contact Comms Officer if you have any reliable, up to date info.

  1. Proceed to Police Station licensing section, with:
    • Your Passport showing a residence Visa.  Have a couple of photo copies with you, all stamped with company stamp and signed.
    • Letter of no objection from your company allowing you to obtain a motorbike licence.
    • A copy of your eye test certificate, or do the test at the police station Cost DHS 60.
    • A pile of passport type photos of yourself, you need them for everything

    Open a file for motorbike licence, they will then book your Test date, DHS 100.

  2. Proceed to Emirates Driving Company in Mussaffa and register for Motorbike course, DHS 760 Same documentation and photographs required here, as before, you will also need your test booking sheet, Remember to have all papers stamped and signed by your company it just makes it easier even if not required.

    If you have already done a Light Motor Vehicle course with then it will require only 6 classes of theory training specific for motorbike, if not even though you have your UAE drivers licence you will be required to take 13 classes 7 general and the 6 motorbike specific.

  3. At the end of the courses you will sit a Multiple choice exam with 35 questions, these are randomly generated and each student has different questions, you need to obtain 27/35 correct to pass.

    When you pass you will be given a certificate.

  4. Take this certificate back to the police and see if you can obtain an earlier Test date, if yes DHS 50 to be paid.

The Test

The test seems pretty basic, it is taken on a supplied 125 cc motor bike, like the ones the paper delivery guys use.

I suggest anyone who has gotten this far to take a couple of lessons, the test is not difficult but if you have not practiced it you will fail first time.

The first part of the test entails riding in a figure of 8 inside 2 lines 900 mm apart and staying within the two lines, the inner circle is 5 m diameter and the outer is 6 m in diameter, there is 900 mm between the two circles as shown below.

The motor bike has an unusual gear change, it is 4 down, neutral at the top. The secret of doing the circles with out crossing the lines or putting your foot down is to get the speed right, ideally this is done in 2nd gear so you pull off, change to second and enter the circles. Do the fig of 8 and keep going until they shout change where at the cross over you change direction, if you pass this then you are told to ride to the end of the testing ground turn around and come back, test done.

As I said in the beginning of this section, if you have persevered and done all the theory, take some lessons on doing the circle bit before you do the test. Of the eight people who were in my group at the test only 3 of us got to do the road section the others all failed on the circles, the 3 of us who passed the circles all passed the test.

If I had not done the circle practice I would have failed. I had two 30 min sessions with an instructor it was more than worth it, you donít want to have to go back and register for a retest. All in all it took me 10 days from when I started my first course to the day I passed so not too lengthy but it is a lot of hours away from work, lucky my boss is a biker and understands.