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About Exiles MC

The Exiles is a motorcycle club based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. We currently have over sixty active members of nineteen different nationalities riding all brands and types of bike.

Exiles MC was formed in 2004 when the original members split form the local Harley Owners Group to form a club that was not affiliated to any manufacturer, could make its own rules and select its own membership. They run weekly rides all year round plus several bigger annual rides and parties including the famous 7 Emirates Ride.

A non-profit organisation, the club works to promote safe motorcycling in the UAE, and to run various charitable events each year. As well as joining various topical awareness events, Exiles MC makes a cash donation each year to a local charity and organises annual Toy Runs, bringing donated toys to children in hospitals and orphanages.

In 2013, Exiles MC became the first group officially registered as a Motorcycle Club in the United Arab Emirates.

Exiles MC Club Captains & Vice Captains

2017-2018Jo VlassenbroeckAbed Bakjaji
2016-2017Jo VlassenbroeckSteve O'Brien
2015-2016Jo VlassenbroeckBelinda Waugh
2014-2015Jo VlassenbroeckBelinda Waugh
2013-2014Stefan MalinowskiVolker Hemmer
2012-2013Stefan MalinowskiAli Kaddas
2011-2012Jo VlassenbroeckScott Jewell
2010-2011Jo VlassenbroeckScott Jewell
2009-2010Belinda WaughMaged Fekry Saleeb
2008-2009Martin McGuireBelinda Waugh
2007-2008Jo VlassenbroeckSuleiman Al Shehi (Sully)
2006-2007Graham ParsonageJo Vlassenbroeck
2005-2006Francis Giraudon
2004-2005Jo Vlassenbroeck